Welcome New Patients!

1. Insurance Verification 
Please fill out the form to the right in order to expedite your office visit.

Please remember all insurance must be verified BEFORE the day of your scheduled appointment. Be sure to upload your insurance card and Id.

Contact the billing dept with any questions: scania@phsflorida.com.

 2. Your Medical Records

Let’s ensure that your previous provider can forward any and all relevant medical history and records to Powel Health Solutions. We need this information so we may properly complete your chart. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive these records.
Please click here to download the PHS New Patient Records Request. Records can be e-mailed or faxed to us at info@phsflorida.com or (786)329-7223.

3. Completing your New Patient Intake

a. The last step before your first appointment is to complete our comprehensive New Patient paperwork

b. Once your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive an email with a 24hr link from our patient portal “Patient Ally”

c. Please make sure to click the link and follow the instructions to complete registration. You will be able to finish your New Patient Intake forms and  Agreements. In addition you will gain access to your labs and other healthcare records. 

 4. Send PDF once complete. 

Click to download the PHS NEW PATIENT PACKETThe form will take some time to complete, but take your time and tell us your full health story – we are listening!